Friday, November 4, 2011

Preliminary Field Trip Information

A good bit of this remains unconfirmed, but many in our membership ask for this information early, so here's what we know in November...

  1. The Delta: Past, Present and Future (Jay Lund, Jeff Mount, Peter Moyle) - Full Day, 42 Passenger Bus
  2. Agricultural Landscapes and Food (Ryan Galt, Libby O'Sullivan, Tom Krabacher) - Full Day, 36 Passenger Bus
  3. Davis Campus "Taste Of" Tour - LTRAS farm, Bowley Agricultural Center, Bohart Entomology, and Wildlife and Fish Biology Museums (Debbie Elliot-Fisk, Rich Engel, Greg Shaw) - Half Day 40 person "Elephant Tram"
  4. Biking Tour of Sustainable and Green Development, Village Homes and West Village (Dennis Dingemans, Charlie Thompson) - Half Day - bikes/campus bike barn rental (tentative)
  5. Gold Country Trip? - (Gray Brechin)?
Sunday (back to campus by 3PM on "Full Day" trips)

  1. Winescapes of Lodi - (Greg Shaw and Debbie Elliot-Fisk) - Full Day (perhaps to 3PM) - 20 passenger bus
  2. Sacramento Floodscapes / Cosumnes River Preserve?- (John Aubert) - Full Day- 36 passenger bus
  3. Sacramento Cityscapes and Food Walk (Robin Datel, Libby O'Sullivan and Michael Schmandt) - Long Half Day (until 2PM?) - transportation unconfirmed (bus or private car caravan?)
  4. Cache Creek Natural Area (David Rolloff) - Hiking/Rafting? - Long Half Day (2PM) - transportation unconfirmed
  5. Sacramento Diaspora and Environmental Justice (Jonathan London, Beth Rose Middleton and Michael Rios) -Half Day, Transportation Unconfirmed.
Lodging options are now on the website. The basic news is this:

The conference hotel for this year's meeting is the Hyatt Place on the campus of University of California at Davis. The California Geographical Society has arranged a block of rooms at a discounted rate ($129/night) so please call to reserve your room early if you plan on staying at the Hyatt Place. This price includes complimentary, parking, fitness center, WiFi, high speed DSL (because that's the way it ought to be!) and continental breakfast. An expanded menu is also available.