Friday, November 4, 2011

Preliminary Field Trip Information

A good bit of this remains unconfirmed, but many in our membership ask for this information early, so here's what we know in November...

  1. The Delta: Past, Present and Future (Jay Lund, Jeff Mount, Peter Moyle) - Full Day, 42 Passenger Bus
  2. Agricultural Landscapes and Food (Ryan Galt, Libby O'Sullivan, Tom Krabacher) - Full Day, 36 Passenger Bus
  3. Davis Campus "Taste Of" Tour - LTRAS farm, Bowley Agricultural Center, Bohart Entomology, and Wildlife and Fish Biology Museums (Debbie Elliot-Fisk, Rich Engel, Greg Shaw) - Half Day 40 person "Elephant Tram"
  4. Biking Tour of Sustainable and Green Development, Village Homes and West Village (Dennis Dingemans, Charlie Thompson) - Half Day - bikes/campus bike barn rental (tentative)
  5. Gold Country Trip? - (Gray Brechin)?
Sunday (back to campus by 3PM on "Full Day" trips)

  1. Winescapes of Lodi - (Greg Shaw and Debbie Elliot-Fisk) - Full Day (perhaps to 3PM) - 20 passenger bus
  2. Sacramento Floodscapes / Cosumnes River Preserve?- (John Aubert) - Full Day- 36 passenger bus
  3. Sacramento Cityscapes and Food Walk (Robin Datel, Libby O'Sullivan and Michael Schmandt) - Long Half Day (until 2PM?) - transportation unconfirmed (bus or private car caravan?)
  4. Cache Creek Natural Area (David Rolloff) - Hiking/Rafting? - Long Half Day (2PM) - transportation unconfirmed
  5. Sacramento Diaspora and Environmental Justice (Jonathan London, Beth Rose Middleton and Michael Rios) -Half Day, Transportation Unconfirmed.

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